Eric Nelson, US Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina: Message to the Citizens — “You Must Be the Agents of Change”

According to data from the IMF and other studies, the Balkans including NATO members Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania lost over $111.6 billion in illicit financial outflows to crime, corruption, and tax evasion between 2001 and 2010.

Sarajevo: Eric Nelson, U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina

“Little will change however without you as ordinary citizens do your part — refusing to pay bribes, calling out waste, corruption and election irregularities, letting your voice be heard, and, most importantly, voting to hold your leaders accountable.” — Eric Nelson, U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Washington, DC | Natasha Srdoc, co-founder, International Leaders Summit and Dr. Dev Kar, distinguished senior fellow and member of the executive advisory board of the International Leaders Summit are spearheading a new study on the Balkan region’s illicit financial outflows via crime, corruption and tax evasion.

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