Croatia’s Parliament Sponsors Event Honoring Pro-Nazi Ustasha Soldiers

EU and NATO Member Croatia Fuels Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Revisionism in the Balkans | The West’s Rule of Law Nations Must Cordon the Balkan State and Freeze All Aid to Croatia

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From left: Ante Pavelic, dictator of Independent State of Croatia — the pro-Nazi Croatian government in parliament. Top right: Pavelic with Adolf Hitler. Bottom right: Adolf Hitler greeting Pavelic.

In a published report, a high-ranking Nazi official was quoted describing the brutality in Jasenovac death camp in Sisak County, Croatia — the Auschwitz of the Balkans: “General Edmund von Horstenau, Hitler’s envoy in the capital city of Zagreb, called the place the epitome of horror.”

Published reports have stated — “The Croatian parliament reportedly donates 500,000 kunas ($71,500) for the event.”

Eight-in-Ten of Croatia’s Jews were Killed Under the Rule of the Croatian Ustasha Government

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The armband worn by Croataia’s Jews consisted of the Star of David. Over 80 percent of Croatia’s Jews were killed during the Ustasha regime’s reign of terror.

According to BBC (May 16, 2020), “A similar memorial event was held in Croatia’s capital Zagreb.”

While these events scheduled for May 2020 were reported in advance, the majority of Western diplomats residing in the capital city of Zagreb remained silent, side-stepping their moral responsibility to call to account Croatia’s politicians, Prime Minister Andre Plenkovic and the Croatian Democratic Union HDZ-led government. The Western diplomatic group’s appeasement tactic has emboldened Croatia’s anti-Semitic figures. The diplomatic corps in Zagreb using Western taxpayer funds continue to wine and dine Croatia’s politicians mired in corruption.

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How would Americans and Europeans respond if the modern-day Bundenstag — Germany’s parliament would sponsor an event commemorating Nazi soldiers and glorify Adolf Hitler and the country’s dark history? The West must not remain silent in the face of evil when facing Croatia’s anti-Semitic figures fueling Holocaust revisionism.

In 1939, the Jewish population in Croatia grew to 40,000. Nearly eighty percent of Croatia’s Jews were killed in the Holocaust. The US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, states that “more than 30,000 Croatian Jews were killed either in Croatia or at Auschwitz-Birkenau.”

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Site of the Jasenovac death camp, Sisak County, Croatia | The Stone Flower sculpture was designed by Bogdan Bogdanović in 1966. | The train placed on the Jasenovac Memorial grounds was used to bring victims to the death camp. | Photographs: International Leaders Summit.

Leading the Saturday ceremony in Sarajevo, the Catholic cardinal said that "the victims cannot be forgotten" and that the prayer was aimed to "cleanse all bitter feelings and negative tensions that come up when the victims are remembered."

Grabar Kitarovic’s 2019 visit to Bleiburg, Austria, took place on the eve of the annual commemoration which has been described by Rudolf Edlinger, president of the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance, as “the biggest annual neo-fascist reunion in Europe.” Edlinger went on to comment that this event “glorifies the Croatian Nazi-collaborationist regime.”

Dr. Ognjen Kraus, president of The Coordination of Jewish Communities said, “The HDZ government has failed to address the rise of anti-Semitism and the display of fascist symbols. It is lenient towards those sympathetic to the WWII Croatian fascist Ustasha regime.” In an earlier report published in 2016, Dr. Kraus stated, “The state is simply not doing anything… and does not want to prevent a far-right revival.”

From Germany’s media group Deutsche Welle (May 16, 2020):

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