Croatia’s Judicial Independence Drops to 126th out of 141 Nations

World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report Shows EU and NATO Member Croatia Worse than Russia, Serbia and Ukraine

Croatia’s Judicial Independence Dropped to 126th out of 141 Countries in World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report | EU and NATO Member Croatia Worse than Russia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Croatia’s Parlous State of the Judiciary at 126th — Worst within the European Union | Russia is 91st, Nigeria 99th, Serbia 101st, Ukraine 105th and Zimbabwe 113th on Judicial Independence out of 141 countries ranked

If the European Commission is serious about addressing grand corruption and the destruction of the rule of law in Croatia, then Brussels’ leaders ought to immediately trigger the “Cooperation and Verification Mechanism” for Croatia.

Croatia — World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2019 (141 countries ranked):

Croatia — the judicial reform laggard of post-communist Eastern Europe

Former Prime Minister of Estonia and ILS Board Member, Mart Laar, delivers keynote address at International Leaders Summit and Adriatic Institute’s 2006 event in Zagreb, Croatia.

“The first step in combating corruption is not to be corrupt yourself.” — Mart Laar, former prime minister, Estonia and International Leaders Summit’s executive advisory board member.

“If we want economic freedom in southeast Europe — and as we learn what it truly means we discover we definitely do — then we need to reprioritise. Yes, we need to see continued efforts to make business environments more conducive to foreign and domestic investment. But we also need to address more overtly the twin legacies of communist rule: disregard for private property rights and the inheritance of institutional power by networks of corrupt government officials and their private partners in crime.” — Natasha Srdoc

“Cleaning up the communist-era justice system is one of the ex-captive nations’ toughest tasks. Crooks, spooks and politicians have an unhealthy influence, especially on judges and prosecutors rooted in the old system.” — The Economist on Croatia

Romania - Success in Addressing Corruption

Croatia - Get Out of Jail Card for Corrupt Politicians: A Politically Influenced Judiciary

Media Highlights and Reports: The Rule of Law Subverted in Croatia

Gabriele Volpi, red-flagged by the US Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigtions with Vojko Obersnel, mayor of Rijeka, Croatia.

Read: A Case Study of Corruption: Croatia’s City of Rijeka, Mayor Vojko Obersnel, Head of Urban Planning Srđan Škunca, Construction Company GP Krk and Criminal Enterprises

ENGLISH SUBTITLES: Croatia’s state-run channel HRT 4, led by editor Denis Latin and journalist Petar Vlahov interviews Natasha Srdoc on November 12, 2018. The Skype interview from Jerusalem, Israel addressed rampant corruption in Croatia, lack of rule of law and criminal capitalism. Video on Rijeka, Croatia: Mayor Vojko Obersnel — Partner to Nigeria’s Money Launderer, Alleged by US Justice Department

Croatia’s law enforcement officers within Croatia focusing on corruption cases have stated that there is no justice within the EU country due to the country’s politically influenced judiciary.

Judicial Independence Ranking of 141 Economies: Focusing on EU’s post-communist Eastern European Members

Judicial Independence Ranking of 141 Economies:
Select Non-EU Members in Eastern Europe

Relevant Graphs from the 2019 EU Justice Scoreboard

Croatia scores the worst in every category within the European Union with the general public stating concerns of the lack of independence within the judiciary: 1) The status and position of judges do not sufficiently guarantee their independence. 2) Interference or pressure from economic or other specific interests. 3) Interference or pressure from government and politicians.

A Principled Solution:

“Instead of continuing to send cash, it might be a better idea for the EU to send judges and prosecutors who can assist in strengthening the rule of law and an independent judiciary. The EU may also consider setting up an independent body to investigate allegations of corruption and look into how some politicians have come to their unexplained fortunes.” — Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy, The Wall Street Journal

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Corruption in Croatia and a Politically Influenced Judiciary | Brussels, The European Parliament: Brigadier Geoffrey Charles Van Orden CBE, a British politician and former British Army officer who served as Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament from 2019 to 2020 communicates serious concerns about Croatia. Geoffrey Charles Van Orden served as a Member of the European Parliament for the East of England region from 1999 to 2020.
Comparing Croatia to Romania: Equal justice or pinprick strike against corruption?
Croatia: Justice Denied — Croatia’s Parlous State of the Judiciary at 126th — Ranked the Worst within the European Union | Russia is 91st, Nigeria 99th, Ukraine 105th and Zimbabwe 113th on Judicial Independence.

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